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Zong SMS Packages are the most recent addition to our blog postings. Zong SMS offers are classified into three types: daily, weekly, and 30-day. Although employing SMS packages is unusual in this day and age, it is sometimes necessary. Zong has announced some excellent SMS deals for prepaid customers.

Zong Telecom is really a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation called China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak). Zong has over 26 million subscribers and was named “No. 1 Operator in Voice and Data Services” for its outstanding performance and high-quality services. Further more updates visits our website ApkFlu.com

Zong All SMS Packages with Activation Codes

SMS Packages from Zong

Before we go into zong sms packages, we’d like to tell you about the subscription deals available to zong consumers. Zong provides daily, weekly, and monthly SMS promotions. In some circumstances, these deals are stand-alone, while in others, the package is supplied in conjunction with WhatsApp or another service based on the necessity. Let’s begin with Zong’s daily SMS offerings.

Packages SMS Detail Other Resources Rate Activation Code
Zulu SMS Bundle 500 SMS Internet 1 MB Rs. 4+tax *704#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 500 SMS Internet 1 MB Whatsapp 30 MB Rs. 5+tax *700# >1
Zong Flutter Package 1200 SMS 120 On-net Minutes, 50MB Rs 12 + tax *369#
Zong Hello offer 150 SMS 150 On-net Minutes, 50MBs for Facebook Rs 12 +tax *2200*1#
Zong Full Gup Offer 100 SMS 75-On net Minutes, WhatsApp 30 MB Rs 5 + tax *118*1#
Zong Perfect Package 500 SMS Unlimited On-net calls, 40 MB internet data Rs 12+ tax *118*2#
Sixer Plus 500 SMS Unlimited On-net calls, Rs 8+ tax *666#

Zong Sixer Plus Offer detail

You may sign up for the Zong Sixer Plus Package, which includes 500 SMS and unlimited on-net minutes for one day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. This plan costs Rs. 8 Plus tax and may be enabled by calling *666#.

Zulu SMS Offer detail

Zong also offers a Daily Zulu SMS bundle that includes 500 SMS and 1 MB of bandwidth for the entire day for Rs. 4 plus tax. To subscribe to the promotion, dial *704# every day.

Hello 1 Din Offer detail

With this deal, you may get 150 SMS, 150 on-net minutes, and 50 MB of internet for the entire day. By phoning *2200*1#, you may subscribe to the offer for 13 plus tax.

Zong SMS + WhatsApp offer detail

The offer includes 1 MB of internet, 500 SMS messages, and 30 MB of WhatsApp data for only Rs.5 plus tax. Simply dial *700# to receive the Zong SMS + WhatsApp deal.

Zong Flutter Bundle

This package includes 120 SMS, 120 on-net minutes, and 50 MBs of internet access for the entire day. Dial *369# to access the Rs. 12 + tax deal.

Perfect Zong Package

Perfect bundle includes 500 SMS, unlimited on-net calls, and 40 MB of internet usage for Rs 12+ tax. To obtain the deal, dial *118*2#.

Full Gup Zong Daily

With a daily full gup deal of Rs. 5 plus tax, you will receive 100 SMS, 75 free on-net minutes, and 30 MBs data. Dial *118*1#.

Zong Weekly SMS Bundles

Zong is also running a 7-day promotion on weekly SMS bundles. After reviewing the comparison provided below, you can select any of the offers of your choosing. This comparison will make it easier for you to choose a bundle. Let’s take a look at Zong’s 7-day SMS bundles.

Packages SMS detail Other Resources rate list Activation Code
Weekly SMS Bundle 1,500 200MB Internet Rs. 21+tax *702#
Zong All in 1 Weekly Offer 1,000 1,000 On-net Minutes, 40 Off net minutes 1 GB Internet Rs 200 + tax *6464# > 4 > 1 > 2
Zong Shandaar Weekly Offer 500 500 On-net Minutes, 40 Off net minutes Rs 120 +tax *7#
Zong Haftawar Load Offer 3000 3000 On net minutes 3 GB Internet Rs. 250 *70#

Zong Shandaar Weekly Promotion

For Rs. 120 plus tax, you may get 500 SMS with 40 off-net minutes and 500 on-net minutes with the shandaar weekly deal. You will also receive 500 MB of internet data. Simply dial *7# to take advantage of this deal.

Weekly SMS and WhatsApp Bundle

Weekly SMS and WhatsApp bundles provide consumers 1500 SMS with 200 MBs bandwidth for the entire week. To participate in the deal, phone *702# for a balance of Rs. 21 + VAT.

Zong Weekly All-in-One

This bundle includes 1000 on-net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 40 off-net minutes, as well as 2.5 GB of data for seven days. By phoning *6464#, you may get this deal for Rs. 200 + tax.

Offer for Zong Haftawar Load

In the Haftawar load deal, you will receive 5000 SMS, 80 off-net minutes, 12 GBs data, including 6 GB for use between 1 am and 9 am, and 5000 on-net minutes. This promotion has a coast of Rs. 270. Dial *70# to take advantage of this promotion.

Fortnightly SMS Packages from Zong

You may get unlimited SMS for 15 days with the Zong 15 Days SMS bundle. This promotion costs Rs. 149 + VAT and is good for 15 days. Dial *700# to take advantage of this promotion.

Package Resources Validity rate code
15 Days Unlimited unlimited SMS to all networks 15 Days Rs 149 plus tax *700#

Monthly SMS Packages from Zong

Zong provides a number of monthly SMS offerings. These offers contain five distinct bundles that can help you obtain a fantastic value for 30 days. Let us have a look at the Zong monthly SMS bundles.

Packages SMS Other Resources rate Subscription Code
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 500 SMS/day for 30 days 30 MB per day Rs.50+tax *705#
Zong Super Card Offer 2500 2500 On-net Minutes, 150 off net minutes 2 GB Internet Rs 650 *50#
Zong Shandaar Monthly Offer 1,000 SMS 1000 On net minutes 100 off net minutes 1 GB Internet Rs 300+Tax *1000#
Zong Hello Monthly Bundle 100 SMS Daily 100 Zong to Zong Minutes daily Rs. 170+Tax *369#
Zong Unlimited Voice Offer 500 SMS per Day Unlimited On net calls Rs. 255+Tax / Month Send “PK30” to 522

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SMS + WhatsApp Bundle for a Month

On Rs. 50 + tax, you may get 500 SMS and 30 MB of data for WhatsApp every day for 30 days. This deal is available by phoning *705#.

Mahana Zong Shandaar offer

This deal includes 1000 SMS, 1000 on-net minutes, 1 GB of internet, and 100 off-net minutes for Rs. 305 + tax. If you wish to take advantage of this deal, simply dial *1000#.

The Zong Unlimited Voice Offer includes 3000 SMS as well as 3000 on-net minutes and 180 off-net minutes. You will also receive 6 GB of data for the entire month. This deal costs Rs. 650 and may be obtained by calling *6464#.

Conditions of Use

All Zong SMS bundles are only available to prepaid customers. The user may only utilise one bundle at a time. When using the data included with any package, an extra fee of Rs. 1 + VAT per MB will be applied. Daily deals expire at midnight on the same day. If your account has enough funds, the package will be automatically renewed. If you have a sufficient amount in your account, the deal that expires at midnight will automatically renew. These bundles additionally contain a withholding tax of 14%.

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