Electricity New Connection Registration Form

Mepco New Connection Registration Form | Estimated Time | Demand Notice

Customers may now discover the Mepco new connection more quickly and conveniently without having to undertake significant manual searches. Customers can apply at a local division office or online at the main website.

The process is the same whether you fill out the form online or in person.

The steps required in submitting the form are simple. It is as simple as selecting Mepco as the distribution firm and the appropriate sort of connection to install an electrical connection. Then, using your phone, scan all of the essential documents and either submit them online during business hours or bring them into the office.

Mepco New Connection Registration Form | Estimated Time | Demand Notice

Mepco’s New Subscriber Setup Online

Please follow the steps outlined below to establish a new connection.

  • You may download the form by clicking here.
  • Please scan and send the materials listed below.
  • Evidence of Property Title
  • Form of Request for Undertaking
  • If the applicant is not the owner, a power of attorney is necessary.
  • A Premises Rental Agreement
  • A copy of the individual’s identity card that has been notarized
  • Two notarized copies of identity cards.
  • Setup and application documentation is required.
  • Please send the items listed above to our online submissions system.
  • Please print the supplied copy.
  • Include any necessary documentation.
  • Please send all appropriate papers to your local division office.
  • The demand notification will be delivered once all information has been validated.
  • Include the specified amount and return the slip to the bank.
  • Send your paycheck to the same address.
  • After your payment has been validated, you will be contacted to schedule meter installation at your selected site.
  • If your new connection hasn’t been enabled after a time, call your local Mepco office or one of their toll-free hotlines.

Waiting Period Proposed Before Making Contact

The time required to create a new connection is dependent on the type of connection requested. Mepco offers three different types of connections. The price you pay will vary depending on the sort of load you want.

How Can I Check the Status of My New Mepco Connection Online?

  • If you want to ensure that your new connection is operational, consult this handbook.
  • Please follow this link.
  • Choose an alternate network configuration.
  • Select MEPCO as your employer, and then enter your CNIC or tracking number.
  • You may view the status on your PC.

To check the status of your new connection online, follow the steps outlined above, or call the division office in your region for help. Please provide your tracking number and any other pertinent information.

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Find out how much Mepco charges for a brand new connection.

A new Mepco connection now costs Rs. 5,000. The amount is now somewhat more than previously due to additional taxes and other costs. The cost may vary depending on the characteristics of your connection and the quantity of data transferred.

Mepco’s Request for a New Connection

The new Mepco connection application form is available for download from ENC’s main website. The application is accessible in both English and Urdu. Fill out the form online or print it, then fill it out by hand, double-check that it’s complete, and present it to your local division office.


Customers will find it easy to form new relationships with Mepco. You may apply in person at their office or by calling their toll-free number; if you don’t have access to the internet, you can even apply over the phone.


How long does it take to connect to the internet?

It might take up to 40 days to install a new connection. The load and kind of connection also play a part.

Mepco has issued demand notice.

At the time of installation, Mepco provides a demand notice in the form of a payslip for a new connection. As a result, you must pay the slip at the designated bank and return the paid slip to the office together with the required paperwork.

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