Air Ambulance Service Rescue 1122 Lunched in Punjab Ads

Daily, nonstop, 24-hour coverage Rescue 1122 has been providing free services to the people of Punjab, Pakistan, since 2008. This potentially life-saving initiative was tested in Lahore. Previously, millions of patients were transferred from one hospital to another. Rescue 1122 has just announced the launch of its air ambulance service.

After the Rescue Ambulance service was implemented a year ago, Motorbike Ambulance services have since expanded throughout Punjab.

The prompt arrival of first-aid professionals on motorcycles has been met with widespread approval. Read the online Rescue 1122 Air Ambulance Service advertisement before submitting your company for the use of a firefighting helicopter, gyrocopter ambulance, air ambulance, or rescue 1122 air ambulance.

Air Ambulance Service Rescue 1122 Lunched in Punjab Ads

Launching an Air Ambulance Service, Rescue 1122

The Air Ambulance Service has been included in Punjab’s Annual Development Program for 2021-2022. The primary goal is to ensure a quick and timely response to disasters such as forest fires and other situations that require quick action in remote locations. The rescue services in Punjab have made a request to businesses in this regard.

A request for expressions of interest (EOI) has been issued in the event that any parties are willing to submit a complete cost-effective proposal for the following. Rescue Helicopters, Air Ambulances, Gyrocopters, and Rescue Helicopters

Completed Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Punjab’s emergency services must be received by 5 a.m. on August 8, 2021. Don’t forget to include a presentation outlining your findings. Please call 042 331880 or visit the Punjab Emergency Services Department in Lahore, which is located on the Thokar Niaz Baig highway.

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